Monday, March 18, 2013

I lied

Well not exactly lied but I might have exaggerated a bit.  On our website we say Dinghy Dogs make "it as stable as an inflatable". The fact is that an inflatable has its tubes in the water all the time.  That's what keeps inflatables afloat and give them stability, but that's what makes them such poor rowing boats and such poor tow behinds.

The Dinghy Dogs tubes ride out of the water in an empty boat as seen in this side by side comparison.  

Dinghy Dogs  v  Inflatable

As passengers enter the dinghy, the tubes will drop but should still be out of the water. That's how boats with Dinghy Dogs can perform like a hard dinghy.  

Only if and when the boat tips too much, the tubes become active providing the buoyancy needed to prevent serious problems or even a capsize. 

So I guess they're not quite as stable as an inflatable but we believe the tradeoff is more than justified.