Saturday, July 20, 2013

Improved rowing for DinghyDogs

Thanks to the problems one owner had rowing with DinghyDogs I've made some modifications to the installation of DinghyDogs.

The aft cleats should be installed on the outside edges of the transom 2" below the rail. The forward cleat should be placed as before, 84" forward.

When installed in this manner, the tubes will be approximately 2" lower than the rail near the oarlock and give significantly more room for the oars when rowing.

The track should be located 10" from the rail midway between the cleats.

You can try to modify your present installation: must remove the old tracks and either reposition them or get new ones.  Also you will need to move two aft cleats or add new ones.  The length of the tie downs might also need to be longer.

Be sure to reseal any screw holes.

Contact me with any questions. .