Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Rowing Tip Update

As you know, Dinghy Dogs add width to your dinghy and oars can rub their surface.  Here's a suggestion: pvc tubing.

1. Get a length of pvc tubing whose inside diameter approximates your oars' diameter. I found thin wall tubing at Home Depot used for sink drains not water lines.  The 1.5" tubing is perfect since it is easy to cut and flexible and will fit most any diameter oar.
2. Cut two pieces each 12 - 18" long.
3. Slit the tubing along it's length to provide two identical halves
4. Put the oars in the oarlocks and note where they meet the Dinghy Dogs.
5. Place the pvc pieces on top and bottom of the shaft with the oar blade vertical in the rowing position, and wrap tape around the ends.
5. The slits should not touch the Dinghy Dogs tubes.
This will dramatically reduce any abrasion or friction.

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