Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dinghy Dogs Blog

We're glad you found us. Our job here is to talk about what you can do to make your hard dinghy more stable and most importantly, to answer your questions and to help make being on the water safer and more fun.

Most of us who have hard dinghies in the 7-10 foot range, know the problems - they can tip, you have to watch weight distribution carefully as guests enter or leave the dinghy on the water, you have to be sure to keep weight distributed so the dinghy wont tip over.

On the other hand, a hard dinghy is secure, sturdy, it tows well, it has room, and it's tough; no need to worry about a puncture.

Until recently you had to get an inflatable boat if you wanted stability.  And they are stable.  But they also have limited internal room, fly around when being towed, and they're not easy to row.  And a puncture can ruin your day.

One option is a rigid inflatable boat or RIB. RIBs have all the stability of an inflatable and the security and reliability of a rigid boat.  On the other hand they are expensive and they are big and heavy. Stowing a RIB on a smaller sailboat deck is a major consideration as well.

While not for everyone, Dinghy Dogs let you keep your hard dinghy AND give it the stability of an inflatable. So, if you have any questions, fire away.


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