Friday, May 18, 2012

Track Installation Questions

I've been asked some questions about installing the track and would like to clarify some issues.

The track his held in place by a double sided 3M industrial strength tape on the back.  After a day against a clean non-porous surface such as fiberglass, plastic, polyethylene etc. it is extremely tough to remove. In addition to this we have drilled two small holes in each end and supply 1/2" #8 s.s. screws to add extra retention.

Some of you have worried about the screws penetrating the inside of the boat.  This a legitimate concern because it would obviously be dangerous for any sharp object to protrude into the boat.

Most boats today are double hulled.  The inside is molded to provide seating and then is bonded to the outside of the hull.  The two hulls might appear to be just one layer at the sides but careful inspection will usually reveal otherwise. If there is a drain plug at the outside bottom of the transom center you can be sure it is a double hull, in which case penetration is nearly impossible.

Still, if the screw does protrude into the boat you should snip the end, file it as smooth as you can, cover it with a sealant and let it harden fully before use.

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